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Avalanche Mountain 2 with Buddies


Yes, Avalanche Mountain is back! Are you as excited as I am?  The first installment of Avalanche Mountain was one of the the first app to have it’s source code sold.  It’s not the first, but it was one of the early adapters and to be quite honest has become somewhat of a legend. Avalanche Mountain 2 was another incredible version of the app where I modified it based on everything I learned along the way.

I now introduce you to Avalanche Mountain 2 with Buddies.  This takes elements from Avalanche Mountain 1 and 2 and brings them together plus, it is a full fledged multi player version that has some amazing multiplayer elements that have an very cool wow factor.  Want to know what they are?

  1. The Blizzard – This is a power up that can be picked up during gameplay or can be purchased in the store.  When The Blizzard is executed, the screen of all your opponents turns white with heavy snow.  This reduces the visibility of your competitors making it harder for them to play for the 10 seconds the screen is filled.
  2. Phone Vibration – Have you ever been in the middle of a game and suddenly your phone vibrates because you have a new email or text? At times I am so into my game that is scares me and throws me off.  This power up does just that to all your competitors.  Execute the power up and your opponents phone will vibrate for 10 seconds.
  3. Screen Flip – Let’s save the best for last!  This one will surely give you a major advantage in the game.  Play this power up and the screen on all of your opponents devices will flip upside down for 10 seconds.  This will surely confuse your competitors and completely throw their game off.  Execute it at the right time and you can fly by them and reach the finish line first.

Remember though, you will need a strategy when you play and when you execute the power ups. You must keep in mind that all your opponents have some power ups as well.

As I said, this app has all the elements to make an incredible multiplayer game that will keep your users engaged and challenging their friends and family.  This is a key element in maximizing your revenue!

One of the best parts of this code is if you purchased and reskinned the Avalanche Mountain 2 source code, you can use the same assets from those reskins and use them to create another full app.  You will only have a few small buttons to create that are new in this code.  That essentially saves you hundreds if not over a $1000 in graphic design costs. If you have purchased the Avalanche Mountain 2 source code this is a NO BRAINER!

Please note, Texture Packer Pro is required when building this app.

Give the game a try and please be sure to leave a review for the app.  Please leave an honest review for as we want honest feedback in an effort to improve the game (although we do think its pretty awesome as it is).

As always, with all source code I provide an image asset list as well as detailed documentation on the changes required in the app and where to make those changes.  We do however expect that you have some knowledge of reskinning apps and using Xcode.

So here are some of the other details of the app:

* Universal app (iPhone, Retina iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad and Retina iPad)
* 3 Different Mountain to choose from
* Developed in Cocos2D
* Facebook Integration
* Gamecenter Integration
* Nextpeer Multiplayer
* View the progress of other players on screen in multiplayer action
* See your opponents as you race against them
* Coin currency system
* Revmob ad network
* Chartboost ad network
* New Power Ups such as time extension and coin magnet
* More visual effects to make it look like a more realistic experience
* Perform tricks in air to earn extra coins that can be used to purchase power ups
* Chartboost more apps button on home screen
* Keep track of your wins and losses
* Local Notifications – Popup after 2 days to remind player to come back

Avalanche Mountain 2 with Buddies App Store Link

Multi License (GREAT DEAL): $50