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Completed Reskins For Sale

Looking for all the work to be done for you already?  Check this page often for as I will list all completed reskins that I have for sale on this page.  This means I have taken the work out of it for you and done it all (well, almost all).  Here is what you get

  1. You get a single license to the source code of the app you are purchasing
  2. All the reskinned graphics are done for you
  3. I have integrated all the graphics into the code, tested and optimized for you
  4. I will provide documentation on what you need to do to the code (such as adding your ad network IDs and anything else that is specific to you and your business)
  5. Icon is already created for you
  6. I am also including images that you can use as your iTunes screenshots

This is the ultimate package and it gets you up and running so much faster than if you had to do all of this on your own. This literally saves you weeks of effort if not a month! I ONLY sell 1 copy of this.  So you can rest assured that I am not going to sell the same reskin to multiple people. This is yours. If you don’t see one here that you like and you have a specific idea in mind for a reskin of one of my source codes, please let me know and I can make it for you.  The turnaround is typically 1 week and if it is a small source code, I can often get it completed in just a couple of days. Please note, that the code is still being licensed just like if you were to buy the source code from me.  You get a single license so if you wanted to upgrade to an unlimited license so that you can create other reskins, you would just pay the difference in price.  You also must follow all the same guidelines. Please Note: These completed reskins usually go really fast.  No joke, often times I put them up for sale and they are gone in less than 24 hours.  So if you are thinking of buying, you are best to make a decision as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in any of the reskins listed below, please use the contact us page above to reach me.  Also, please note reskin sales are final.  There is no return policy.  I will certainly assist you if you have any troubles with the reskin, but once the app is handed over to you the sale is final.

Additional Services:
As I mentioned above, with each of the reskin packages I am giving you the reskinned graphics already integrated into the source code.  You are then responsible for making the changes in the code to reflect your reskin (i.e.: name change, ad network IDs, game center IDs, in app purchase IDs and so on) as well as setting up the app in each app store and submitting the app.  If you do not want to do this, I also provide additional services for these reskins. Those services are listed below and the cost associated with them.

Code Updates (name change, ad network ids, game center ids, in app purchase ids) – These are all the changes in the code that I outline in my document to get your reskin ready to be submitted to the app store. $75
Setup and Submission to Apple – I will setup your app in iTunes connect and submit the app to the app store (please note, you will need to purchase the Code Update above as well) – $100
Setup and Submission to Google Play – I will setup your app in iTunes connect and submit the app to the app store (please note, you will need to purchase the Code Update above as well) – $100
ASO (app sore optimization)- Need some research done on keywords for your new reskin?  I can take care of this as well! – $125


Current Reskins For Sale

Reskins Of Lotto Scratchers – For Details of the Lotto Scratchers source code, please visit the source code page.

Casino style apps have in the past been one of the best bets (haha, no pun intended) when it comes to apps in the app store.  This trend continued through 2014 and it does not look like it is going to stop anytime soon.  There is something about this genre that resinates with users.  One of the amazing elements of this genre is that it crosses over multiple generations.  There are very few apps and there are very few genres of apps that boast being able to appeal to multiple generations of gamers.  This is certainly one of them.  I created Lotto Scratchers back in 2013, and to this day I continue to generate revenue from the app as well as any reskins I have created for it.  If you are looking for apps with Long Term Value (which you should be), then this is certainly one of them.

No current Lotto Scratcher reskins available

Reskins of Las Vegas Hot Slots – For Details of the Las Vegas Hot Slots source code, please visit the source code page.

Well, there is no need for me to go into too much detail about the casino genre and it’s domination in the app industry.  I have already done that above (see the Lotto Scratchers Reskins descriptions). Las Vegas Hot Slots is a very simple, yet addictive slot machine app for your iPhone. Why do people love slots apps?  I guess it’s the same reason they are attracted to play slot machines when they head to the real casino even though they know if they play for a long period of time, they are going to walk out of the casino with less money in their pocket.  People are fascinated with the mechanics of slot machines and that holds true with slot apps.  It’s pure luck, it takes no skill and they can play it for hours or minutes.

Cupid Valentine’s Slots – $399

Awww, why not mix the power of love with the power of slots.  This makes for a truly romantic app :)

Screenshot1   Screenshot3   Screenshot4


Reskins Of Tap N Climb – For Details of the Tap N Climb source code, please visit the source code page.

When I developed Tap N Climb, it was around the time that Timberman and Flappy Bird were very popular.  I wanted to create something that had this similar maddening gameplay, but kept the interest of the player.  It had to be something that was simple to do, one touch, and could be played at any time.  We hit it right on the nose!  This app has all the elements of a viral app and it has unlimited reskin potential. We even integrated some interesting tactics in an effort to increase user reviews in the app store.


Super Jungle Monkey Climb Adventure – $799

The jungle/monkey theme is super popular right now in the app store.  I can point you to several lower budget apps that have really climbed the ranks of the app store and done well with a similar theme.  As you can see, when I am developing these reskins I am looking for themes that are popular and where you will have plenty of high quality keywords to use when performing your ASO.  I also attempt to incorporate multiple themes this way if one is not working well for you on the ASO train, you can switch to the other and see how that does for you.

Screenshot2   Screenshot3   Screenshot4


Package Deals

I have a couple of reskins where I have created a package deal where I have rescind the SuperFly City Escape and Tap N Climb source codes with the same theme.  These are two of my highest quality source codes and it provides you with an opportunity to get 2 apps in the store with a similar theme.  In fact, you can even use the cross promotion tool inside Chartboost for each of the apps to help promote the other.  You have to figure if the user downloading one of the games likes it, then they will likely enjoy the other game with the same theme.

A Ninjas Amazing Adventure – $1499 

As mentioned above, this is a package deal of 2 apps with the same name/theme.  There should be no issues with Apple approving the apps with the same names/themes as long as they have slightly different titles.  I have done this with reskins in my own developer account and have had no issues at all.  The Tap N Climb version of this app is developed in Cocos2Dx so you can submit this to Google Play as well.  Ninjas are awesome and gamers love them!  Great theme! (The first 2 images below are of the SuperFly Screenshots and the second 2 are of the Tap N Climb)

screenshot4  screenshot3  Screenshot2   Screenshot4