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Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Blog |

Welcome To Avalanche Mountain Apps

Ok, so I guess this is my first “blog” entry for my website. I thought I would take a little time in this entery to introduce myself as well as provide a brief overview of what my plans are for the blog. Before I do that though, please note that some entries may be random, and short while others may run on and on. You always have the choice to read, or ignore.

My name is Brian Appell, and I began my app adventure back in 2012. I originally had an idea for an eBay sniping app that I thought was going to be wicked cool. I have been an avid ebay user since it’s doors opened, and I often use sniping software when bidding. So I thought it would be great to provide a mobile version.

I began working on the app and realized this was going to be a big project for as due to Apple’s restirctions I was going to have to create a website with a back end that actually did all the sniping and the mobile application would be the front end for managing your snipes. Clearly I was in for a long project, but I really wanted something in the app store right away.

So, while working on the eBay Sniping app, I decided to create my first game called Avalanche Mountain. It would be a fun snowboarding game for all ages. Before long, the app was created and launched in the app store. Ah, the dreams of becoming rich, retiring early, and playing golf a lot more was about to become reality. (ok, so maybe not, but one can dream can’t they)

The app was doing very well as a free game, and I suspect as many developers do with their first app, they make many mistakes, and hit some things on the nose. I realized quickly that making money in this was going to require work and creativity. I made many changes to the app over the course of a year, and got it to a point that I thought was pretty polished.

My next move in the industry was one of the best I ever made. I realized, I needed to be creative in my approach for making this a lucrative business. I decided, that I would sell the source code to my game so that others could use it to create a “reskinned” version of my game. This turned out to be successful for me and provided me an income to create more apps in the future. It also helped others to become successful in the industry, which I was more than happy to assist with.

So, now you know a little bit about me, and how I got here. Throughout time, you will learn more and more about me and who I am. My plans witht he blog are to provide insight about me and my business, as well as the app industry as a whole. You will quickly learn that, writing is not my stronpoint for as I am more of a logical thinker and a math brain. So, please excuse my grammer, spelling and often times lack of structure in my posts.

Check back often and if you are interested in writing an entry for my blog, please let me know and I am sure we can work something out.